What Disability Support Services are Available in Australia?

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Are you looking for what disability support services are available in Australia? Then you’ve come to the right place; Care Support Network can point you in the right direction.

There are a wide range of agencies and government support services for disability in Australia. This includes intellectual disability support services, family support services for disabilities, and additional needs support services.

NDIS Support

One of the primary support services for people with disabilities provided by the Australian government is the NDIS.

At Care Support Network, our main focus is helping people to navigate their NDIS funding. The NDIS – or National Disability Insurance Scheme – is a funding scheme provided by the Australian government to help support individuals living with disability. It provides the financial means for people with disability to meet their needs and goals by having access to the disability supports they require.

Supports Funded by NDIS

  • The NDIS is able to fund a variety of supports, including:
  • Daily personal activities
  • Transport that is required to enable participation in social, economic, community and daily life activities
  • Help for the workplace that enables successful employment in the open or supported labour market
  • Therapeutic supports, such as behaviour support
  • Household help which enables the maintenance of the home environment
  • Skilled personnel support for aids or equipment assessment, set up and training
  • Modifications to home design and construction that will facilitate access, such as wheelchair ramps or handrails
  • Mobility equipment
  • Vehicle modifications

Additionally, NDIS funding can be used to purchase disability-related health supports, which are generally grouped into the following categories (though it should be noted that this list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Continence supports
  • Diabetic management supports
  • Dysphagia supports
  • Epilepsy supports
  • Nutrition supports
  • Podiatry supports
  • Respiratory supports
  • Wound and pressure care supports

Supports Not Funded by NDIS

The NDIS is not able to fund supports that are:

  • The responsibility of another government system or community service
  • Not related to the individual’s disability
  • Related to day-to-day living costs that are not related to an individual’s disability support needs, such as rent or groceries
  • Likely to pose a risk or cause harm to the NDIS participant or others

Types of NDIS Support Budgets

Within the NDIS, there are three types of support budgets. This is because the NDIS recognises that everybody’s goals and needs are different and so everybody’s budget needs to reflect this.

This funding is based on what is ‘reasonable’ and ‘necessary’ for you to be able to achieve your goals, while also taking into consideration the support provided by family, friends, and other community and government services.

The three types of NDIS support budgets are:

Core Supports Budget
The Core budget is the most flexible and is broken up into four categories: consumables, daily activities, assistance with social and community participation, and transport. However, the flexibility of this budget means that funds allocated for one support category may be used to fund supports from another category.

Capacity Building Budget
The Capacity Building budget is allocated across eight sub-categories that are matched up with your plan’s goals. You are able to choose how you spend within these categories, but funding is not transferrable across categories.

The eight categories include:

  • Choice and Control, for example training in planning and plan management.
  • Daily Activity, for example therapy that helps to build your capacity to participate
  • Employment, for example employment-related assessment and counselling
  • Health and Wellbeing, for example exercise advice required due to impact of disability
  • Home Living, for example support to retain or obtain appropriate accommodation
  • Lifelong Learning, for example assistance moving from school to further education
  • Relationships, for example positive behavioural support strategies to reduce behaviours of concern
  • Social and Community Participation, for example individual life skills development

Capital Support Budget
The Capital Supports budget is broken up into two categories: Assistive Technology and Home Modifications. These types of supports require quotes from suppliers. The funding within this budget is not transferrable and so cannot be used to fund other supports or items.

Care Support Network’s NDIS Support Services

Care Support Network provides support services for clients with disability to plan and manage their NDIS plan with our Pre-Planning, Plan Management and Support Coordination services. As a registered NDIS support service, our services of Plan Management and Support Coordination can be paid for using your NDIS plan.

Care Support Network can help individuals living with disability to get the most out of their NDIS funding by first helping you to identify goals you would like to achieve through our Pre-Planning services. By signing up for Plan Management (listed as Improved Life Choices on your plan), we help to ease the administrative burden of the NDIS by helping you to manage and track your budget and by paying support services and suppliers on your behalf. Finally, we can help using our extensive knowledge and experience to connect you with other best-fit support services that fulfil your individual needs.

If you need help with your NDIS funding and would like someone to walk beside you while you navigate the NDIS system, contact Care Support Network today and we will help you to get the most out of what’s available while taking the stress out of trying to navigate it’s complexities.

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