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We want you to get the most out of your funding with our NDIS Support Coordination services. Our expert team of Support Coordinators provide personalised support to help navigate your funding package and build your local support network of providers. Care Support Network offers all 3 levels of Support Coordination.

Level 1

Support Connection
Helping you with ideas to get you connected within your local community.

Level 2

Support Coordination
A partner to walk alongside you to make the most of your plan and find the services you need.

Level 3

Specialist Support Coordination
Our specialist stream coordinates a complex plan that works in connection with all your service providers

With no waiting list you can start your plan today

Level 1 - Support Connection

This is short term assistance to get your plan started. We will help you understand and negotiate agreements with the people you choose to work with and connect you with local supports that are available. There are some great local programs and activity ideas, some are even free, that you might be able to be a part of.

Level 2 - Support Coordination

A great Support Coordinator is like having a teammate that walks alongside you on your NDIS journey. They will help you understand what you need to do next, what your choices are and connect you with people that will get you what you need. The goal of the Support Coordinator is to work with you to become more independent in the management of your NDIS plan. It is reassuring to know that you have someone that can help you make sense of your plan, and budget your funds to last the life of your plan.

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Level 3 - Specialist Support Coordination

Sometimes there might be a complex plan to be managed, or a person’s situation suddenly changes, and they need help to quickly get a team of people to work together to assist them. In these circumstances a Specialist Support Coordinator is needed to coordinate the circle of support. They will work together with this team to find the best solution. This requires a professional level of expertise and a person that knows the NDIS system intimately to get the best results.

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We love what we do

When you choose to work with Care Support Network you will be reassured from the start that we are the right people to join your team and help you build a support network that makes your life better.

Every member of our team loves what they do and works hard to make a difference, helping people to be successful in their NDIS plans. We are all committed to our values and have chosen to spend our time helping others get what they need and deserve to make life better.

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