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Bringing together a group of professionals

At Care Support Network our highly qualified team of Specialist Support Coordinators, use their expertise and years of experience in disability to develop and execute a Complex Assessment Plan with you. This recognises your individual focus and needs while addressing any barriers that you might face in achieving your NDIS goals. We work directly with you to create the best circle of support for you, clearly actioned to get results from your NDIS plan.

Your circle of support will be in regular communication to collaborate on the strategies as a team, focused on you. Once your circle of support is established and functioning well, the Care Support Network team will work with you towards a sustained and clear future for your NDIS pathway.

We aim to collaboratively work with clients, service providers and NDIS planners to assess for and execute a Complex SupportPlan with the view to create a legacy of success for the years and plans that follow.

Head shot in nature of Caroline Dixon Services Development Executive experienced in helping people with disability and their family become as independent as possible.

Caroline Dixon

Services Development Executive

Caroline was an Occupational Therapist in neurological rehabilitation and has great experience with helping people with disability and their family to be as independent as possible.

Sian Williams is a Specialist SupportCoordination Sttream Leader

Sian Williams

Specialist Support Coordinator Stream Leader

Sian has worked in disability for over 30 years teaching and supporting people primarily with autism.

To discover if we can suitably service a Specialist Support Plan for you

The role of the Specialist Support Coordinator

The role of Specialist Support Coordination focuses on addressing specific high-level risks and barriers in implementing anNDIS plan that are found in more complex arrangements. Usually this type of funding is rare and may only be funded for the first plan as supports are established. Then as a plan is formalised and the circle of support is set up, it will requireLevel 2 Support Coordination to maintain.

A Specialist Support Coordinator will first work out what the risks and barriers are for a person and what would be required to successfully reduce those risks. They then build a strategy around how to work with and strengthen a team of people to manage what is needed. It focusses on getting all the service providers and informal supports to work towards the NDIS goal together. It also focuses on reducing the complexity and risk in your living environment. Work will be done specifically to help you build understanding around what is needed, how it works within an NDIS plan and building resilience for you and your support team. All of this is presented in a Complex Service Plan which outlines the role that everyone will play in making the plan work for you

Experience and expert knowledge

A great Support Coordinator is like having a teammate that walks alongside you on your NDIS journey. They will help you understand what you need to do next, what your choices are and connect you with people that will get you what you need. The goal of the Support Coordinator is to work with you to become more independent in the management of your NDIS plan. It is reassuring to know that you have someone that can help you make sense of your plan, and budget your funds to last the life of your plan.

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