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If you ask for Plan Management funding, you will get it! No questions asked. Once your plan includes ‘Improved Life Choices’ (the NDIS term for Plan Management), you are ready to get started.


Join the myCSN team today and download the management app so you can keep track of your plan activity.


Speak with our expert team to discuss your account preferences and set your budget so we can help you keep track of your funding. 


Tell your providers they can now send their invoices straight to myCSN for payment directly from your NDIS plan.

Did you know all you have to do is ask! 

As part of the NDIS Act, the NDIA must provide you with Plan Management in your plan if you ask for it. It provides you with the flexibility to choose any service provider with the added support of an expert team. The funding for Plan Management is added to your plan so there is no penalty for you choosing this type of financial management.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Our team go above and beyond so you can feel confident about making decisions in your NDIS funding and lean on us for valuable advice.

As your Plan Manager we work for you to…

Manage your chosen Service Providers
(NDIS-registered or unregistered)
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Manage your chosen Service Providers (NDIS-registered or unregistered)

When you are Plan Managed you can choose from providers who are either NDIS registered or unregistered. This means you have the flexibility to choose who you work with and know that they can be paid for from your NDIS plan funding. The myCSN team will help you work through the Service Agreements you have with your providers and ensure your funds are made available to pay them for the life of the NDIS Plan (12 months or more).

Process payments within 4 days
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Process payments within 4 days

When your service providers and budgets are set up in our system you can choose to have your invoices automatically paid which provides us with the most efficient method of getting them paid quickly. Our app provides you with the ability to see what’s happening  in real time. We also provide you with monthly statements so you can keep track of the funding activity.

Manage your NDIS funding
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Manage your NDIS funding

It is important to ensure that the funding you have in your plan lasts the lifetime of your plan. It is also just as important that you get the services you need in place to get the support you need. Our teams will work with you to manage the funding , allocate and hold funds for what you choose and alert you when something does not look right.

Work with you to build your knowledge
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Work with you to build your knowledge

You can choose how much you would like to be involved in managing your plan and we will support you in gaining the knowledge you need to make it work for you. Our team will work with you to show you more about budgeting your funds and where reasonable and necessary items and services that apply to your plan budget. They will also show how you can maximise the funds in each of your budget categories.

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Personalising your experience

myCSN is committed to creating a positive environment where we really listen and can provide thoughtful and considered solutions suitable to people’s individual needs. Our friendly team openly share their experience and knowledge as you navigate your NDIS Plan, giving you the confidence and connections to build your preferred care network and get the support you need.

What we do for you

If you select myCSN as your NDIS Plan Manager, our knowledgeable and accommodating team will ensure you get the most out of your funding. Some of the ways we can help include:   

Monitoring your budget: We will provide you with a summary of your expenditure and a clear breakdown of your remaining budget on a monthly basis. On the first calendar day of each month, an Activity Statement will be generated outlining all payments deducted from your Plan for the previous month. These detailed reports will ensure you always have clarity on your available funds, and can be received either in soft copy via email or in hard copy via post, depending on your preferences.

Managing invoices: When self-managing your NDIS funding, it can be difficult to stay on top of your invoices. Plan management services allow for invoices to be managed by us so you don’t have to worry. Our team will take care of paying your service providers accurately and efficiently, whilst also ensuring that invoices are claimed from the appropriate budget and comply with the NDIS Price Guide.

Developing your skills: It’s up to you to decide how much or how little responsibility you’d like to have over the management of your funding. Our team will gladly work with you to source providers and explore budgeting and support options. This way, we can help build your financial literacy and plan management skills. 

Keeping track of your funds through our Careview Advantage App

Our mobile app, Careview Advantage, stores all your critical NDIS Plan information in one place and empowers you to keep track of your budgets, funding utilisation and invoicing history.

  • Easy to use mobile application, free to download
  • Information at your fingertips; access your information from anywhere and at any time
  • Never lose track of your information; data is updated in real-time as our team complete the administrative work related to your funding
  • Industry-leading information security to give you peace of mind

The easy to understand information housed in Careview Advantage is shared across four key domains:


Provides the big picture; total Plan budget, total expenditure to date, and total remaining balance

Plan Budget

Breaks down your funding by category of support; see how much you have spent in each area and what balances remain for the rest of the Plan

Engaged Services

Track the funding that has been spent under individual providers and gain visibility of whether the rate of expenditure is ahead or behind schedule


View your paid invoice history and access specific invoice documents as needed

Working with Service Providers

myCSN are committed to partnering with you in the way that best suits your individual needs. With multiple invoice approval options to choose from, we will help find the best fit for your unique circumstances and work with your  preferences. 

Implied Approval
Often, there is a trusted relationship between you, the client, and your long-standing providers. If this is the case and you’d prefer for our team to automatically process invoices received from verified sources, we can set our system to do just that. Leaving you to review payments either via the Careview Advantage app or your monthly Activity Statement, as required.

Explicit Approval
Prefer to view and approve all invoices before they are processed from your NDIS Plan? Not a problem. Our team will ensure that no payments are deducted from your funding without your explicit knowledge and approval.

Best of Both Worlds
Have some providers you trust and other’s you’re not yet sure about? Our team can easily negotiate this space with you by setting up mechanisms to automatically process some invoices and seek your approval of others. Just share your preferences with our team by contacting us on 1300 177 577.

For Service Providers…

Processing your invoices
Where an NDIS participant has requested plan management to assist with the financial administration of their funding, invoice payment is the responsibility of the participant’s chosen plan manager. Invoices for myCSN plan management clients should be sent to accounts@mycsn.com.au for prompt attention by our dedicated team.

Access to our team
Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer your call Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm AEST. Whether you’re part of a large organisation or operating as a sole trader, our friendly team can assist with your queries and help you gain a better understanding of your obligations as a service provider under the NDIS. 

Fast Processing
myCSN process a bulk NDIS claim daily, and forward  the funds to providers the day they are received from the NDIA. To maximise payment turnaround times, providers are encouraged to ensure invoices comply with the NDIA’s minimum standards and contain the following:

  • Provider details (trading name, ABN, contact number, email)
  • Invoice date
  • Unique invoice number
  • Participant details (name & address)
  • Participant reference number (previously NDIS number)
  • Service delivery date(s)
  • Support type (and support item number if known)
  • Quantity of units or number of hours being charged
  • Unit price (or hourly rate)
  • Banking details for EFT payment (provider account name, BSB, account number)

Prompt Payments within  4 days
Providers can expect payment on NDIS compliant invoices within 4 business days of issue. Remittance advice emails are sent the day payments are processed, to alert you to incoming deposits and to assist with your reconciliation.

“Let me tell you, your Plan Management is brilliant and we recommend you all the time because the team is so good.”
– Madeline

How to Sign Up

Welcome Aboard
If you choose myCSN as your plan management provider, our team will work with you to create a Service Agreement that outlines the services we will provide, how you can expect our services to be delivered and how long we are agreeing to provide services to you. Once we have agreed on the terms of our service, our friendly team will reach out to find out more about your personal circumstances, what you need and how you would like to manage your NDIS plan, as well as answer any questions you might have. 

Your freedom to choose
Choosing to have Plan Management included in your NDIS Plan gives you great flexibility over your chosen supports and means you can access services from any Service Provider you want to work with, whether they are NDIS-registered or not. Our processes also involve you choosing who you are happy for us to talk to about your funding and identifying any people you would like us to involve in the provision of our service. NDIS Partners in the Community (i.e. Local Area Coordinators & Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinators), Support Coordinators, Psychosocial Recovery Coaches and Plan Nominees can be important connections in your NDIS journey, and our team are open to working with these people if that is your preference. 

Getting Started
With your permission, our team will look at your Plan and help you to understand how to get it to work best for you in light of your  goals. We will record your verified Service Providers and communicate with all parties regularly, so they understand the NDIS invoicing process, where to send accounts, when payments are made and how to contact us if they have any questions.

Making payments within 4 days
After your account has been set up, your Service Providers will start sending invoices for their services to us for payment from your NDIS Plan. You will have already worked with our team to let us know how much they will be able to work with you. If there is anything that alerts us or is out of the ordinary our team will call you to confirm or approval. We’ll also keep track of funding and make sure we alert you if funds are running low.

Monthly Statements of Activity
Once a month, you will receive an Activity Statement that details all payments made from your Plan during the previous month. Those interested in more frequent updates are encouraged to make use of the free Careview Advantage mobile app, which delivers detailed real-time information. The myCSN suite of services also includes a purpose-built web application, Careview Connect, to keep NDIS Support Coordinators abreast of mutual client Plan budgets and expenditure. With your consent, we can enable this feature and share read-only budget and invoicing information with your Support Coordinator to help optimise their ability to effectively implement your NDIS Plan. 

No charge to you
Because our plan management costs are included as an additional budget item within your plan, you can enjoy our helpful service without it costing you anything. 

If you have any questions or are interested in enlisting our help with your plan management requirements, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Why Choose Care Support Network?

At myCSN, we work alongside you to make life better. Here are just a few reasons why we are the best at what we do:

  • Dependable: We understand that trust is integral to our service, which means our team will always follow through and deliver on our promises. We are careful to adhere to our Code of Conduct to ensure our service is supported by honesty and integrity. Our number one priority is achieving great outcomes for our clients.
  • Personable: We have a kind, generous and dedicated team that believes deeply in the work we do. This dedication is reflected in the quality of our service. Our goal is to deliver the best support possible for our clients every time. This means we are always available to answers your questions and that we value and seek your feedback so we can continuously improve our service.
  • Experienced: We have years of combined experience in both the finance sector and in working with those who live with a disability. Our expert team know the NDIS back to front, so we can provide accurate and reliable advice whenever you need it. 
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