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Paul Cameron

Wellbeing Consultant

Engaging people in conversation and connecting with them is what Paul does best. With his relaxed personality, he immediately puts others at ease and with a keen listening ear he is well equipped as myCSN’s Wellbeing Consultant. With a background in chaplaincy and wellbeing in both the sporting sector (as an AFL chaplain) and business sector, Paul has a wealth of experience in caring for others. Paul is committed to seeing people be the best they can be, to assist them in discovering their potential and living it out. With a focus on connection, Paul has a great understanding of the need for those that are caring for others, are well cared for themselves. Thus, his role as Wellbeing Consultant is pivotal to myCSN’s staff thriving.

Paul has an eclectic music taste, enjoying many genres of music in his spare time from classical to rock music. He appreciates reading a wide range of books, including fiction, theology and history whilst finding the best coffees in Melbourne. Paul also enjoys spending time with his grandkids.

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