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Laxmi Nair

Support Coordinator

Laxmi has a wealth of experience in supporting others. She began her career as a Social Worker, working closely with migrant women and children. She has worked as a disability accommodation supervisor and also alongside children’s services as a bilingual support. After having worked at DHS for over 10 years, Laxmi was encouraged to move into Support Coordination. She was drawn to myCSN because of our personable approach to staff and clients, feeling the warmth and care that staff provided. Laxmi is proficient in multiple languages and additionally works as a language teacher.

Laxmi’s passion is to help clients identify their needs, provide the support they need and to assist them in being happy.  Laxmi is a solid member of her community and contributing to this community is important to her. She works with many culturally diverse clients and her expertise is in counselling, case management and empowering women from among migrant families to reach their full potential.

In her spare time, Laxmi enjoys reading and writing her own stories and poems. She is passionate about community activities and encouraging the migrant community.

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