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Head shot in nature of Jess Moodie Administartion Coordinator at Care Support Neetwork assists clients in their knowledge of the NDIS

Jess Moodie

Administration Coordinator

Jessica began her journey with a Bachelor Degree in Human Management/Primary Teaching and has over 7 years of primary teaching experience. Leaving teaching to begin a family of her own she became well equipped with the skills of helping people in every walk of life.

She can flawlessly utilise existing skills and implement them into anything we ask of her.

Jessica’s main priority is to be involved in change and always wants her workplace to be one that ‘makes a difference in people’s lives.’ Jessica notices “people taking on the NDIS often have queries or misunderstandings and something as simple as listening is enough to make a difference”. She loves a workplace that can create change by simple acts of kindness.

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