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Jacqui Exner

Support Coordinator

With a background in nursing, support coordination and working as a team leader, Jacqui brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Support Coordinator for myCSN. Drawing on her personal experience of supporting a family member with disability, Jacqui has not only the knowledge and skill but also an understanding and compassion to walk alongside participants and their carers.

Jacqui is highly task oriented, with a persistence to see clients receive the resources and support they need. She likes to see progress in each of her clients and ensures that everyone’s plan is being utilised. Jacqui is resourceful, creative, and reliable. She is an advocate for her clients and their families.

In her spare time, Jacqui enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 adult children. She additionally runs a small fashion retail business, selling at markets and online. Jacqui enjoys the quiet of painting and drawing to recharge herself.

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