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Belinda Houghton

Marketing Co ordinator

Belinda loves to encourage others and help them see their potential. She thrives on promoting the significant work and successes that people achieve, in order to create a world where kindness and acknowledgement of others is paramount. Belinda joined myCSN because of the culture that exists within the company, where staff feel valued, families are a priority and colleagues cheer one another on.

Prior to working at myCSN, Belinda has been a primary classroom teacher and worked with large numbers of teenagers through chaplaincy and youth work. Belinda is extremely organised and detailed, being responsible for organizing large scale events. She is task oriented, creative and a team player. In her spare time, Belinda enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 sons and when time allows, to get lost in a novel. She adores spending time with her friends for long 3 hour lunches and also loves shopping, especially when it involves shoes and dresses with pockets.

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