The NDIS is all about increasing your skills and independence so that you can work towards and achieve your goals but, as with anything in life, the type and amount of support you need will vary over time.

Your NDIS plan review provides you with the opportunity to check in with your support providers, and review what’s working for you and what could be improved. Overall, it’s a great way of ensuring that you’re still on the right track to achieve your goals or develop new ones.

It will generally be conducted around 12 months after your NDIS plan has started or, if you’re satisfied with the support you’re receiving and feel that nothing needs to change for the time being, a future plan for up to 24 months can be offered. However, you should note that it is standard practice for the review process to begin up to three months before the review date of a participant’s plan.

NDIS Plan Review Process

If you’re unsure as to how the NDIS review process works, there are few things you should know that can help quell any anxiety and, more generally, help you be prepared.

To demonstrate how your supports and services are helping you achieve your goals, you may need to provide reports or assessments from your service providers to your plan review meeting.

You should also be aware that once a new plan is approved, service bookings end and you and your service providers will then have to negotiate new service bookings and agreement in line with the new plan. Depending on your individual circumstances, plan budgets may increase, decrease or stay the same.

In the plan review meeting, some of the questions you can expect to be discussed include:

  • In your plan, what worked well?
  • Did you achieve your goals?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • Has anything changed in regard to your circumstances?
  • Do you have any questions about how your plan is managed?
  • Is there anything you would like to change about how you manage your funding?
  • What new goals do you have for your next plan?
  • Who can help you achieve your goals?

While there’s no required NDIS plan review form or NDIS plan review template, you can create your own based on the above questions that will help to remind you of any key issues or questions you may have.

One way you can build your own NDIS review form is by theme. Here’s an example of how you might want to set out your NDIS plan review report template:


  • What goals have you achieved or are you on track with?
  • What goals didn’t you achieve or are not on track with?
  • Which of your goals have changed?
  • What are your new goals?
  • Which goals are most important to you at the moment?

What’s Working?

  • How has NDIS been a good change for you?
  • What is going well in your life at the moment?
  • What service would you like to continue and why?

What Isn’t Working?

  • Was there anything you didn’t use funding for and why?
  • Are there any supports you would like to change?
  • Have there been any times when you’ve needed support but didn’t have enough or the right funding?

Care Support Network

We understand that it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin once you know you are eligible for NDIS funding. That’s where our friendly, expert team can help. Through our NDIS Pre-Planning Services, we can help you identify your goals, as well as your support needs. This pre-planning will help ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome from your NDIS planning meeting and plan itself.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your NDIS Plan Review, or need help with the more technical aspects of your meeting, such as gathering the required documents, reports and assessments, Care Support Network is here to sort out the administrative side of your NDIS plan so you have more time to enjoy the benefits.

If you need help with managing your new plan, our team of experienced Plan Managers can help you with claiming invoices, keeping track of your NDIS fund and ensure that your invoices are paid quickly. Plan Management and Support Coordination can be requested by anyone during the plan review process, and then included as part of their plan.

Basically, we’re here to help your NDIS journey be as smooth as possible.

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