How do you find a job that nurtures the greatness in you?

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Nurture your greatness

As an employer, I can sincerely say that a critical ingredient for a successful business is its people.

Businesses and organisations need great people to build great teams. Great teams can then nurture the growth, development and success of an organisation. People are essential and I am grateful for every one of our team members at Care Support Network.

But what does ‘great’ mean? Why are some businesses places where people want to stay, where their job satisfaction is consistently high? And if you are looking for a job, how do you find a business that nurtures the greatness in you?

I think that everyone has ‘great’ in them, but not everyone thrives in every culture. And businesses have distinct cultures that enable the greatness to come out in those who share a common set of values and attributes.

For Care Support Network, a business which provides disability support services and disability management services to help people navigate their NDIS funding, we have a clear set of values that drive what we do on a daily basis. This means we are positive and cultivate a ‘yes’ culture; we aim to become better and continually learn; we are dependable and will do what we say we’ll do; and we are personable because we are courteous, friendly and helpful.

For us, our values underpin our decision making and our actions. Our values shape our culture and it is essential that our team members embrace and embody them. We believe that when they do, they can more properly support and walk alongside our clients as they navigate their NDIS funding.

It is our guiding values, we believe, that help to create a genuine relationship with our clients and each other.

Finding great people is so important to our business that we offer flexible employment arrangements where we can to ensure the best-fit people are on our team. Flexible work hours are just one way we work with our staff to accommodate family needs. Many of our team members have young children and some of these children are living with disability. We have also recently secured a valuable new team member, Sam Press, who is a participant in the NDIS and has opened the door for other great people with diverse abilities to join our team too.

Very early into the interview process we knew we wanted Sam on our team as Support Coordinator. He embodied all of the attributes we look for in a candidate; he was a keen learner, a team player, able to manage his time well, demonstrated a positive ‘can do’ attitude and showed a deep empathy for the people we serve.

But we were faced with structural challenges. Sam uses a wheelchair and some of the office infrastructure – including doors, entry ramps and toilets – were not optimal for wheelchair access. Thanks to funding support from Job Access, we were able to secure the supports we needed to enable long-term employment for Sam, who has proven to be another ‘great’ team member.

At Care Support Network, we have been fortunate to find great people and as our business grows, we will continue to seek those people who best fit our values and culture. As CEO, I love our ability to be nimble and work together and I am committed to maintaining that as we grow.

I am continually grateful for this excellent team of people who are committed to supporting our clients to navigate their NDIS funding. Our business is clear about our values and we live them daily. Because we look to hire people who share our values, our business and our team members thrive.

So, if you’re in the job market, I encourage you to dig deep and identify the values that guide you in your personal and professional life. When you can identify these in yourself, it may be easier for you to find an organisation that brings out the ‘greatness’ in you too.

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