Getting males to talk more about mental health

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It’s great to see Headspace kick off their campaign Headcoach which is all about educating young men that maintaining their mental health is just as important as maintaining their physical health.

Good on Tom Boyd (Western Bulldogs) for agreeing to be a figurehead and spokesperson on the organisation’s behalf.


As a mother of three boys, I know boys place a high value on being physically fit and strong and the importance of sport in their life (yes, I live in Australia!) however what they don’t understand is that being fit and healthy in the mind is equally as important.

It’s not something boys often think about or feel they can talk about.

More campaigns and more general awareness aimed at getting boys and men to talk about their feelings and mental health is so important for our community, wider family happiness and what is passed on to future generations.

I bet most of you know at least one male, who experiences anxiety, and this condition has a major impact on their life.

The big question is what do they do about it? Is it the head in the sand approach, coping with other “substances,” or is it having the tough conversations with medical professionals, support groups and most importantly, friends and family.

It’s okay to talk about feelings – parting words from the only female in a male household!!!!

Jodie – Care Support Network

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