Finding Our Strengths Amidst Struggle

Finding our strengths amidst struggles

Those of us living in Metropolitan Melbourne are settled in for another lockdown and another wave of uncertainty as COVID-19 continues to spread through the community. This global pandemic has rocked us all and has presented struggles we could never have before imagined. And for Care Support Network, it has also helped us see where our strengths are, because we have had to use those strengths to keep moving forward.

As we navigate this challenging time, I see two key strengths that have kept us resilient: a commitment to a flexible work environment and a deep connection to our values.

I credit the first of these strengths, our commitment to a flexible work environment, to my daughter, Jess.

I am the proud father of a caring, intelligent, and ambitious daughter. I have supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue a career that has meaning to her. I saw how challenging it was for her as a mother of young children who took time off from work to parent full-time, to get back into a career. I started becoming more aware of the barriers parents and people who care for others face when looking for meaningful work. I thought this was unfair, and I made it one of my goals to create a business environment that enabled parents and people who care for others to balance caring with careers.

And because we embrace a flexible work environment, we have greater potential to find team members who fit the values we are guided by. This enables us to have a culture in place where we, as a team, can navigate struggles – like a global pandemic – more smoothly together.

At Care Support Network, we are committed to our values, which include to become better, always looking for ways to improve how we work with our clients and one another. We remain positive and look for solutions to the challenges we face. We are friendly and personable and have a deep respect for one another, regardless of our differences. And we are dependable, we trust and rely on one another because we do what we say we will do.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to do things differently, and for many of us who work in an office environment, it has meant a shift to remote work. While I can’t say we were prepared for all that came with this pandemic, I can say with confidence that we have navigated well the shift to remote work. We already had in place virtual communications. We know the importance of regularly checking in with one another, and because we share the values our business is led, we can navigate changes together much more smoothly.

By embracing a flexible work environment and leading with our values, we have found amazing team members who possess the right skills and attributes to do well, and do good, for our clients.

I want to thank my daughter, Jess, for teaching me the importance of creating flexible work environments. This life lesson is more important today than it has ever been. And I am proud to call working parents, parents who care for a child living with disability, and people living with disability, members of the Care Support Network team. They are a team that has demonstrated strength and resilience during a time of great struggle, bringing valuable skills and attributes to the Care Support Network family as we aim to make life better for the clients and carers we walk alongside every day.

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