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What is an NDIS plan?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a funding initiative introduced by the Australian Government to provide support to people living with disability. An NDIS plan is specific to every individual and outlines their needs, goals and support needed, as well as any funding you can receive. The NDIS aims to help people living with disability, as well as their families and caregivers.

How do I find Registered NDIS Disability Support Providers?

You have choice and control over the supports you use. This means having choice over both who provides the supports and how they are delivered. To find registered NDIS disability support providers, you can search the Provider Finder on the myplace portal.

If you are unsure which service provider you would like to use, myCSN has an extensive database and can make some suggestions based on your location, needs and goals.

What are the NDIS management options?

There are three NDIS management categories: NDIA (or Agency) managed, self-managed and plan managed. The myCSN Plan Managers fulfil the plan manager category. A Plan Manager pays your supports on your behalf, completes your financial reporting and helps track your NDIS budget.

Am I eligible for NDIS?

To be eligible for the NDIS you must:

  • Be aged between 7 and 65
  • Be an Australian citizen or Australian resident
  • Have a permanent and significant disability which requires support from a person
  • Have a permanent and significant disability which requires support from special equipment
  • Need supports now which will help to reduce future needs

What does my NDIS fund cover?

Your NDIS fund is able to cover reasonable and necessary disability-related services and supports. These supports are divided into three categories: capital funding (one-off items like equipment or technology), core funding (daily support like personal care), and capacity funding (skill building, training and learning).

What is not covered by the NDIS?

NDIS does not fund general day-to-day living expenses which are not disability related. This includes food, rent and utility bills.

How do I apply for an NDIS plan?

If you are eligible for NDIS, you can apply for your NDIS plan by calling the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and asking to make an Access Request. If you already receive disability support services, you will be contacted by the NDIA when the NDIS is available in your area.

What are NDIS goals?

NDIS goals are milestones you would like to achieve with the help of NDIS-funded supports and services. These goals should be as specific as possible and may include things like getting a job, learning a new skill, becoming more independent, or becoming more active in your community.

How do I know how much is left in my NDIS plan?

myCSN will keep you informed about your expenditure and what balances you have left on your plan via a monthly statement, so that you know where you are up to.

We also recommend that you access the NDIS myplace portal, which allows you to monitor your individual expenditure.

How do I know I am being charged a fair price for the supports being delivered?

The NDIS regularly updates its Price Guide for NDIS services. This includes a range of services and the maximum price that can be charged for them. This also serves as a good guideline regarding industry standards if you are choosing unregistered providers and negotiating rates for the supports you are requesting. You are free to negotiate the price of services with the provider at the time you are signing a service agreement with them. The service agreement will outline your negotiated price and will list any conditions under which this might change.

myCSN recommends you take a copy of your NDIS Plan along with you when initially meeting with a service provider. This will help inform your Service Agreement and ensure your provider delivers the supports in the right way, and in accordance with the rates in the NDIS Price Guide.

How does Care Support Network help?

myCSN provides NDIS-focused services which help you to understand and navigate your NDIS funding so you get the most out of it. Our services include NDIS pre-planning, NDIS plan management, and NDIS support coordination.

What does NDIS pre-planning involve?

myCSN NDIS pre-planning helps you to understand the supports available to you using NDIS terminology so that you are able to get the most out of your NDIS Planning Meeting. We empower you to understand what you are entitled to and to ask for it.

What is NDIS plan management?

myCSN NDIS plan management service helps to ease the administrative burden of your NDIS plan. Our Plan Managers claim invoices on your behalf under the relevant budget in your NDIS fund and send you monthly statements, so you are able to keep track of your budget.

How long will it take for myCSN Plan Managers to pay my supports?

At myCSN we ensure that your support service invoices are paid within four days. We also send you a monthly statement so you can track your available NDIS funds.

What is an NDIS support coordinator?

myCSN Support Coordinators help to connect you with the appropriate support services that will be most beneficial for your specific circumstances.

How long is the myCSN waiting list?

At myCSN there is no waiting list. Our efficient and experienced team can help you begin to plan your NDIS budget within three days of receiving your NDIS plan.

How does myCSN payment work?

As a registered NDIS Service Provider, myCSN services are eligible to be paid for using NDIS funding.

What areas does myCSN service?

myCSN is available in Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Our services are expanding to include Western Australia in July 2020.

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