5 ways to keep positive this Christmas

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Pug dog with Christmas hat on with text reading "Chin Up Charlie"

With reflections of the year that was, budget management stress, family and relationship stress or loneliness, there is a lot happening at this time of year that can be very difficult for people to overcome.

Here are 5 things that our team have tried at different times to help keep them in a positive frame of mind:

    1. Try to list all the positive things you did or experienced over the year. It could be to do with your work, health or social activity. Maybe you set yourself a physical challenge that you achieved or completed something you have been meaning to tick off your list for a long time.
    2. Contact people that you miss and may not have spoken to for a while. Focus on the person and what the relationship means to you and tell them about it.
    3. Appreciate your surroundings and what you have that you love. It may be your favourite chair, then just sit in it for a moment and be grateful it is there.
    4. Hug a person, or a pet! Physical connection can sometimes be even better than reassuring words. Hugging a friendly creature is a great way to remember that there is more around you than your worry or stress.
    5. Enjoy some time in the outdoors to clear your mind and listen to the surrounding environment. Find a local park or area where you can take some time to enjoy and reflect on your immediate surroundings.

If you need help at this time of year, it’s not far away. Call your GP or health professional. You might also find these links helpful…

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