Has the NDIS rolled out in your area or is it coming soon?

Let's be honest, change can be uncomfortable and at times a little scary for most of us. Some of us want to hold onto things that are familiar and reassuring, and other times we just want things to be better and we're hopeful that change will bring what we need. Whatever your thoughts and feeling are on change, sometimes we need a little help and someone to share the load with.

Most of us have heard the word "NDIS" and we know that it brings change with it.

So how can you make sure the change is as comfortable as possible and you feel that you are as informed and supported as you can be?

Well, you might want to consider having a chat with our team at Care Support Network. Our client services team are specialised professionals who are approachable and dedicated. They can definitely help you with your change to the NDIS.

If you've just found out that you are eligible for the NDIS, we would also encourage you to do some homework to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting. This is very important to make  sure that you get the NDIS plan that you and your family needs. 

Care Support Network (CSN) can guide you through as you prepare the paperwork you will need for your meeting; think of goals you would like to include in your NDIS plan and list the supports you would like to request.

We can help you to understand the NDIS planning process and to feel more at ease going to your planning meeting. ​Please contact us on telephone 
1300 177 577  to discuss your feelings about your change to the NDIS and to learn more about how we can help.

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Pre-Planning Guide with Care Support Network
To get you started, we've put together a complimentary ​​ Pre-Planning Guide and Activities Table to help you consider and determine your needs and goals. If you have any questions whilst you work through these resources, we'd be very happy to assist you in person or on the phone (Call 1300 177 577 or email: info@mycsn.com.au).

You can learn more about the NDIS and the planning process in the below videos: